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20th & 21st of April: Workshop & Seminar @ VeniceBeach Mannheim

B-E-St (Bio – Energy – Stimulation) by JeeCee Workshop & Seminar; Frequency Specific Microcurrent JeeCee is very pleased to invite you to the B-E-St workshop & seminar which takes place on the 20th and 21st of April @ VeniceBeach mannheim. Do you like to know more about this unique total therapy based on 40 years […]

23 & 24 March 2018: AxonExpo

Date: 23 & 24 March 2018 Location: DAVO PEVELE ARENA ORCHIES www.axonexpo.com Do you like to know more about this unique total therapy based on 40 years of experience of the JeeCee team & the findings and studies of Nobelprize winners? Combine your manual therapy with this high-end technology! B-E-St or Bio Energy Stimulation uses frequency specific […]

Interview Kris Guldemont

B-E-St is the basis of my therapy. I always start with a treatment that is sometimes broader and sometimes quite focalised. In the main, it is done with hand electrodes and may or not be followed up by treatment with adhesive electrodes. B-E-St can be considered for treating any type of pathology. What is the […]

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty

The Bollywood actress has formed a joint venture with wellness brand Vandana Luthra-led VLCC Bollywood actress and yoga practitioner Shilpa Shetty, who has been trying her luck in the businesses of salon and sports, is now venturing into the business of yoga and physiotherapyservices. Shetty, who brought a DVD on yoga and fitness withShemaroo Entertainment a few years […]

Men’s Fitness Magazine

This month, we caught up with Dubai based physical therapist and founder of the JeeCee clinic. With both pioneering technology, and a fi rm belief in a mixture of eastern and western philosophy, Jacques Caluwé Sr tells us about how his extensive career has helped develop his practice into the facility it is today. Download […]