B-E-St by JeeCee

Bio – Energy – Stimulation
What is B-E-St?

The B-E-St or Bio – Energy – Stimulation appliance is a technological tour de force using the injury-current or Bio – Stimulation current. By the emission of the very low strength current, B-E-St succeeds in raising the level of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the converted energy from foodstuffs – in our body by no less than 500 – 800%.

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Energy carrier ATP

The energy source ATP is the chemical basis of all living cells. It is essential for all physiological processes which use energy, such as movement, blood circulation, temperature regulation, the cleansing of the blood, breathing, mental effort, growth, cell renewal, the healing process after sickness and injury, etc.

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Increase in ATP

By raising the level of ATP, pain is quickly relieved and recovery from injuries is rapid. This form of current makes it possible to reactivate damaged cells; by using the organ’s own frequency as a sort of reminder to help specific cells return to normal so that the organ or tissue functions better.

A unique total therapy approach based on 40 years of experience!”
All possibilities

The B-E-St device can be used in any form of therapy; physiotherapy, osteopathy, manual therapy, wellness, massage and acupuncture.

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Manual electrodes

The manual electrodes are the ideal tool to combine your manual techniques with the microcurrent. These can be used for all soft tissue and to work more into detail. With the handelectrodes the tonus can be normalized in a rapid and useful way.

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Adhesive electrodes

The B-E-St adhesive electrodes with color codes are designed to work more efficiently and to guarantee the patient’s safety and hygiene. These can be used for the 67 automatic programs. We promote single use per patient for hygienic and safety procedures.

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Combine your manual therapy with B-E-St Microcurrent therapy. The gloves techniques are very easy to integrate during your daily massages mobilisations and manipulations.

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Crocodile clips

The crocodile clips or needle clips are B-E-St accessories, used in acupuncture or dry needling for bringing in the microcurrent into the body with a specific frequency via conduction through the needles. By using 4 channels there are 8 needles serving as a conductor. This is a unique and very effective application that ads quality & efficiency to our therapy.

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Combine your exercises

Combine your exercises with B-E-St by JeeCee in order to achieve faster and more efficient results! Benefits of the exercise in combination with microcurrent: better proprioceptive execution of the exercise – input of ATP while exercising – less spasm of the involved muscles – better blood circulation – faster recovery of the neuromuscular chain

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