STaR Program by JeeCee


Since 1990 the JeeCee Team sensibilizes therapists, patients & athletes for microcurrent. Now the FOCUS is on FREQUENCIES!

The future medicine is all about frequencies

— Albert Einstein —


Tim Lamens
Kinesitherapeut @ MTC

Physiotherapy is al about frequency. How many sessions a week the patient has to plan? How many mobilisations i need to do? How many manipulations? How many exercises she or he has to execute? How many series?
Every tissue also has it’s own frequency. If you can influence this, we can maybe speak about a totaltherapy, isn’t? With STaR (Soft Tissue advanced Rehab) you have this possibility.
Since 2017 we work with STaR. I can highly recommend STaR if you are looking for a totaltherapy.


Sam Verslegers
Osteopath Groep Sam

Since the introduction of STaR, we use these new programs daily in our clinic in combination with the classic JeeCee programs.
STaR really adds a new dimension to B-E-St by JeeCee and opens a lot of new therapy possibilities. I can highly recommend STaR as it’s a fantastic added value to help our patients and athletes even better.


The frequency of the different conditions of the tissues are on the A channels (inflammation, bleeding, trauma, strain, rupture, calcium deposit, vitality, spasm, accumulation of toxins, edema, …) and the frequency of the different tissues (fascia, ligaments, muscle, tendon, bursa, bone, cartilage, periost, peripheral nerve, …) are on the B channels. You make a cross with A1 and B1.

Contact us for the manual of the STaR programs with the clear explanation regarding the placement of the electrodes.